Generative Design with Javascript



  • A highly visual introduction to programming (nice for designers, artists)
  • For beginners (no prerequisites)
  • Optional tutorial session
  • Optional guided project
  • Past participants in Notochord courses include students from Apple, Oculus, Unity, Google, Future Deluxe, The Mill, and many game studios.

Student Praise

  • "I gotta say, I'm really digging the course so far. As a visual artist and designer with no coding background, it's exactly what I needed! I've actually found myself picking up some of the concepts way faster than I thought I would."
  • "I enjoyed a lot the Grid Algebra course. It helped me to think how to deconstruct a problem with the available data. I did other basic courses of coding and this algebra part was always skipped, but I find it important to try to solve problems with the data that's there and not automatically go search on Google for a solution. I see the potential of where it can lead. The pacing was also good. It was basic Math of course, but it made me view Math as a fun thing."


Intro to programming I
1. Programming syntax
2. Debugging
3. Basic data types
4. Drawing with code
5. Variables
6. Loops
7. Gradients

Intro to programming II
1. Control flow
2. If statements
3. Functions
4. Arrays
5. Loops
6. Objects

Modulo mini-sequence
1. What is %
2. How to use % in javascript and shaders

Animation mini-sequence
1. how animation works in javascript
2. setTimeout
3. await
4. requestAnimationFrame

Grid Algebra & Offsets
1. How to create variation with repetition in code
2. Alignment and margin
3. How to evenly distribute rows and columns
4. Rotations and grids


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Intro to programming course

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Generative Design with Javascript

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