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Early Access: Offsets & Grid Algebra

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Early Access: Offsets & Grid Algebra



  • A highly visual introduction to algebra and problem solving using code
  • For people already comfortable with for loops (if not, take the Intro Course instead)
  • Takes about 12 hours to complete, but depends on your level.
  • Asynchronous, online interactive class with Discord community
  • By @arsiliath
  • Early access: buy any course and access all Notochord Javascript courses for a year.
  • Past participants in Notochord courses include students from Apple, Oculus, Unity, Google, Future Deluxe, The Mill, and many game studios.

Student Praise

  • "I enjoyed a lot the Grid Algebra course. It helped me to think how to deconstruct a problem with the available data. I did other basic courses of coding and this algebra part was always skipped, but I find it important to try to solve problems with the data that's there and not automatically go search on Google for a solution. I see the potential of where it can lead. The pacing was also good. It was basic Math of course, but it made me view Math as a fun thing."


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Example Course Work

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