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April 2023 Compute Shader Course


8 week online class:

"Intro to bio-inspired simulation with compute shaders In Unity”

Minimum 7 hour per week time commitment. It’s ok to miss a week.

This advanced workshop introduces compute shaders via a series of video tutorials related to biological simulation. Some basic artistic techniques and principles are also covered.

Three sections of video tutorials, code, q&a, assignments, discussion. 

Must purchase one spot per person.  

Please have advanced programming experience.

Info and rough schedule:

Cohort starts April 1.

What is the difference between this class and the self-paced class?

The content is entirely the same.

With the stand-alone class, you can join Discord to ask questions, but there is not a community of people trying to complete the course at the same time.

The cohort class happens a few times a year and a bunch of people get together and do the class at the same time. There are deadlines and the assignments are all due at the same time for everyone in the cohort.

Can one sign up for this class and also access the content early?

Yes, just purchase the stand-alone class and then let me know that you also want to access the material early. In this case I cannot offer refunds, since you get all the material at once.

This product is not currently for sale.

April 2023 Compute Shader Course