Agent Simulation with WebGPU



  • Learn to make agent simulations with the new Javascript WebGPU API.
  • For people with programming experience
  • Interactive online lessons
  • Optional tutorial session
  • Optional guided project
  • Past participants in Notochord courses include students from Apple, Oculus, Unity, Google, Future Deluxe, The Mill, and many game studios.


1. WebGPU and GPU basics
2. Primordial particle system
3. Physarum and stigmergy
4. Diffusion Limited Aggregation
5. Bin optimization


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Student feedback

  • "Shoutout @arsiliath for a very well formatted course thus far."
  • "I like the sections where I'm encouraged to experiment and play with the code. The question and answer sections work well to re-enforce understanding of the core principles."
  • "The topics are broken down well into good-sized modules, I like the step-by-step nature within the module."
  • "Your explanations of the code/what the code is doing are excellent-- very clear and easy to follow. I also love how interactive the entire course is, i.e. you give us some information, then we try to apply it in the code. the 1/3rds display is great too. really cannot be happier with this course so far."
  • "Thank you for this course!! I don't know how else I would be able to learn any of this!!"
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Agent Simulation with WebGPU

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